How to choose your hair color

Have you decided to make your first color, or are you looking for a new hair color to give a boost to your hair? The first step is to choose your hair color well. Indeed, depending on your complexion, your eye color but also your look, certain shades will suit you better than others. But how do you get around with all the existing colors? Do not panic, we have everything planned with this little practical guide to make your choice even more easily in anticipation of coloring. To know more, check out: best jet black hair dye

  • The cold blondes

The ideal profile: you are a Nordic beauty, with a clear or even pale complexion , and blue or green eyes. The dominant tones in your home are therefore cool tones, that is to say all the shades of blue to white, as well as pale green.

Several options are available to enhance your porcelain complexion and your facial features. Among the most classic colors that apply to your profile, we can cite ash blonde and platinum blonde. The ash blonde is a blonde who pulls gray, and whose asset strengthen the sophistication to your look. Elegant and discreet, it is the shade of women who favor a feminine and seductive style while subtlety.

The platinum blonde is itself often associated with glamorous women. Color of Marylin Monroe, platinum blonde is a very light blonde, almost white, which is also found in cool tones. With nude makeup, platinum blonde is the ally of the heady women who know what they want.

  • The hot blondes

The ideal profile: a golden complexion, slightly tanned, even matt. Chic and natural Californian surfer, bright and glamorous blonde, radiant woman, you shine brightly with your dark blonde, golden blonde coloring , or your honey sweep .

For rather fair skin, it is a timeless, accessible and dynamic look. We think of Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Aniston. For dark to tanned skin, the blonde offers a more marked contrast with the skin color, which gives you a really sunny look. Kim Kardashian has repeatedly chosen dark blonde and bronde hair colors, which accentuate her natural femininity and soften the angles of her face.

  • Dark hair for cold complexions

The ideal profile: you have a rather pale complexion, bluish veins, and a deep hazelnut, brown or black look. Or you have a pale complexion and clear eyes, but do not want to orient yourself on a blonde coloring.

It is in your best interest to choose your color on an intensely dark color: dark brown, brown or black . In the case of blue or green eyes, the contrast will be striking, and will give a new depth to your clear look. It is Eva Green who wears this look wonderfully, which she frequently enhances with an intense red lipstick for a truly glamorous style on the red carpet.

The charming ambassador of the cold clear complexion, black eyes and black dye style: Dita von Tesse. She wears her black coloring with a ruby ​​lipstick which gives her a very attractive style, halfway between porcelain doll and modern pin-up. Anne Hathaway opts for a very fresh and natural look, whether with a long wavy haircut, or with her very trendy short hair.

  • Dark hair for warm complexions

The ideal profile: your complexion is golden, tanned or mat , and you want to leave on a rather dark basis.

The color of your eyes is a good starting point to help you choose the most suitable shade: dark chestnut color for hazel eyes, brown for intense brown eyes, and black for jet eyes. Then play on reflections and shades to highlight your luminous complexion: black coloring with glowing reflections, chestnut and brown with caramel reflections, bronze coloring to bring the sun in any season.

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